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2 Startup Options For Attorney Marketing

Need Help With Local Attorney Online Marketing?

Online Attorney Marketing can be a very expensive and highly competitive means of obtaining new clients.  I've seen Google Adwords click cost over $200 due to the highly competitive nature of online Attorney Marketing. If you're going to to test the waters with online Attorney Marketing then you're going to need to be smart about it.

How does your firm compete with law firms that seem to have deep pockets?

The answer is you build out a highly targeted mobile first digital marketing program. Also, you become the best salesman or saleswoman that's ever answered the phone from a client that's in need of your attorney services. Every single phone call has the potential of being worth tens of thousands of dollars as you know and the great thing about online attorney marketing is that it can be set up to be turned on and turned off whenever you are available. Once you have the potential client on the phone it's important that you set the appointment and motivate the client to either come into your office or for you to meet them at their desired location.

Motivating the client and obtaining confirmation are the two most important objectives while speaking to them on the phone. I've seen it hundreds of times where appointments were set and the client never comes in. Why? You didn't make them want or trust your Attorney services!

You've got to be able to master the phone call if you're going to be successful using online Attorney Marketing. I have years of experience working with Attorneys and helping them become successful with their digital marketing programs.

White Glove Marketing can help you with not only building out a highly targeted mobile first digital marketing program, but we can also work with you on your sales process so your program will work successfully for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this type of local attorney advertising cost?

We offer only custom & detailed work for our clients. After the initial consultation and industry & competitive research, a budget proposal will be presented and approved by the prospective client.

Can you tell me how long are your agreements?

Our agreements are flexible. We understand that many businesses are seasonal in nature. We gear our business around yours.

How many leads do I receive?

Depending on the industry, service area, and competitive landscape, an estimate will be provided before the program launches.

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White Glove Treatment For Attorney Marketing:

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Local leads. Fast results.

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