Starting Your Digital Marketing Plan?

 Why Do You Need A Digital Marketing Plan?Why do you need a Digital Marketing Plan?

It doesn't matter if you are a giant multi-billion dollar corporation or a small mom & pop business, you need a defined digital marketing plan so you don't waste marketing dollars on something you don't need.

How do you get started with a Digital Marketing Plan?

You start internally and follow the money trail by reviewing the below:

  • Determine what your revenue streams are.
  •  Assign average price per service.
  •  Attribute a percentage per service of your customer base that will purchase each month.
  • Identify the services you want to increase and by how much.

This allows for measuring marketing effectiveness and business goal setting. Your defined business goal can now be the staple of your digital marketing plan. Your digital marketing plan's 2018 goal is to grow a specific service each month. Based off of this info, you are ready to contact a digital marketing agency and can clearly provide them with what is expected from their program.